There is no need to worry when you book your freight to be hauled...... we can handle it for you!

We strive to be the BEST logistics company availiable. We offer dry and refrigerated freight hauling.
We will get your load to your customer "ON TIME, EVERYTIME!"
Give us a call TODAY to get a free quote on shipping your products to your customers directly and cut the middle man out...... saving you time, resources and most importantly MONEY !

     At other places, you ....Call a broker, who in turns calls a couple of different companies to see what the cheapest rate is they can have your product hauled for (so as to make them the most profit, even though you are paying a premium rate), then it gets sent to a dispatcher, who has to call a driver to get the load covered, YEAH YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING ! ROOM FOR ERRORS AND MISCOMMUNICATION THAT COST YOU TIME AND MONEY !!

These errors are bad for business.  They lead to your load:
Being picked up late.....or arriving at your customer late....
Even worse yet, if it is a refrigerated or temperature controlled load:
Carelessness, incompetence or negligence leading to problems with wrong temps being run at the wrong settings on sensitive loads.  This in turn can cause a customer to receive low quality product that can ruin your hard work and quality product's image.

(Because they are using cut rate trucks to run your load.  REMEMBER, most brokers care about the PROFIT LINE FOR THEM and not YOUR LOAD)

All this ties up your floor or dock space waiting for the loads to be moved or an angry customer calling you and complanining because the items they have ordered from you still haven't arrived at the time they expected it. 

Here, you make ONE CALL and that's it, IT'S DONE ! The person that answers the phone for you will be able to assist you with a rate quote, and will dispatch the driver and set the load up for you. One call to one person, in one company..... now isn't that much easier and less room for errors and miscommunication ?

"Smooth and Simple........... from POINT A TO POINT B!"

Here, at Koon Trucking, our drivers are very experienced and extremely knowledgable about their equipment.  They all know the settings the products are to be run.  We run late model, reliable, dependable trucks and trailers.  We all take pride in what we do and how we do it.  This is not just a job, this is our profession.  We are passionate about what we do.

Call us TODAY!......give us a chance to show you how dependable and reliable we are and make your dollar go farther with less effort.

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